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Samantha LevineJanuary 6, 2015 daily beast Many mercenaries slaughtered their way to power, casually betraying even close family to secure their fortunes. Art on the walls, for sale and appreciation, adds to the relaxed and casual atmosphere, adding a touch of class and sophistication. Cursory, perfunctory, superficial, passing, fleeting, summary, desultory, careless View synonyms.3Done or acting without sufficient care or thoroughness. Irregular; occasional: a casual visitor. Thousands of young retail workers, for example, continue to work as casuals, employed as little as 16 hours a week, frequently spread over broken shifts. I can understand why casual observers are sceptical.

Just casually meaning ytrebygda -

2019 Examples from the Web for casually Lennon casually told some DC friends about it and found there was local interest in establishing Dinner Parties. Indifferent, apathetic, uncaring, uninterested, unconcerned View synonyms 2Not regular or permanent. The reasons behind the increase are believed by researchers and police to be an increasingly casual attitude to the law, particularly among young drivers. If you're going to your friend's house for a dinner of burgers and beer, they might say, "It's just a casual night at home." Or, "Dress casual, we're just going to be serving ourselves." Don't run out to buy a special. When life and death are treated in such a casual manner, are we not breeding people who attach no value to human life, not even their own? biology another term for adventive noun. .

: Just casually meaning ytrebygda

Ordinarily I might have let such a comment pass, especially one so casually made. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Others Are Reading What Are The Words For The Biggest Numbers In Existence? But I do worry that too casual an attitude to safety sets a poor example for the more impressionable among the diving community. It's what you wear every day, all the time; it's casual. The man commands a presence and an element of style not expected or previously delivered in the casual atmosphere of the mmvas. She was married three times and had numerous casual liaisons. The Oxford Book of Latin Verse Various "You were interested he said, casually, as we drove home smoking our cigars. Temporary, part-time, impermanent, freelance View synonyms.1Employed or established on a temporary or irregular basis.

: Just casually meaning ytrebygda

Second, there's not much impact on poverty if new jobs are casual, part-time and poorly paid. Chance, accidental, random, unintentional, unplanned, unintended, inadvertent, unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, unlooked-for, occurring by accident, occurring by chance, fortuitous, coincidental, fluky, serendipitous, adventitious, aleatory View synonyms 4Without formality of style or manner, in particular (of clothing) suitable for everyday wear rather than formal occasions. Despite that, Olivia dismisses his remark with a casual shrug. Casually adverb (informally more examples, thesaurus: synonyms and related words casually eskortejenter oslo lene alexandra toppløs adverb (without interest more examples, thesaurus: synonyms and related words casually adverb (BY chance more examples, we were just casually talking and she blurted it out. They spent one night at the Workhouse as casuals, then continued on the next day to Ware. Cheap drinks, a chatty and casual atmosphere and great meal deals are the main things you would normally associate with a Wetherspoon's pub. Behind his casual attitude lies the strict discipline a teacher asks of a pupil. Staff believed her pregnancy was the result of a casual affair. 3British A youth belonging to a subculture characterized by the wearing of expensive casual clothing and frequently associated with football hooliganism. Then they hear some remark, casual or otherwise, and the player ruins his or her style trying to be like somebody else. Ms Top 10 Grammar Tips British Dictionary definitions for casually casual / (kæjl) / adjective happening by accident or chancea casual meeting offhand; not premeditateda casual remark shallow or superficiala casual affair being or seeming unconcerned or apathetiche. Informal, not formal, relaxed, comfortable, sloppy, leisure, sportif, everyday View synonyms noun 1A person who does something irregularly. However, up to now, insecure, temporary or casual jobs were strictly regulated and constituted a minority. It has a fairly wide range of business casuals, all in cotton and cotton-rich fabrics. Accidental: a casual mishap. Over the past 12 months casuals have represented about 10 of the total operational cargo workforce. His posture might have been casual and uncaring but his eyes gave it all away. The ruffian casual laughs at him, and sings funny and oftentimes libellous songs concerning him as he breaks stones or picks oakum. Seven years ago, Ben had what he saw as a casual affair with a Dominican woman he didn't know all that well.

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